Cave Digger: Riches

“Since the first brave miners of our nation took their trusted pickaxes and head on to the frontier, this economic endeavour has grown to a wild success. Tons of precious metals, ancient fossils and oil are surfacing each passing day. Once the news of this success started to spread, more and more of our nation’s proud citizens have been swarming to these rugged lands thirsting for their own adventure!Also, rumours of uncanny incidents emerging at the frontier have been circulating among the citizens. It has been touted by many of just being a fear mongering rumour mill to keep the Frontier’s riches to some few wretched scoundrels’.In light of this potentially high economic boom, the government of our Nation has set forth their next plans to expand the Frontier mining. One thing is certain that time will tell whether this endeavour continues to be a success for our Nation’s economy and for all within its gracious grip.This has been a Frontier News bulletin. Apply for Frontier Mining today!”Key Features in Cave Digger: Riches6 new endings – some are quite straightforward, others you have to unveil.Chaos Gauntlet: new experimental mining item – ever tried to punch those rocks in hope of breaking them? Now you can – but beware of the risks this experimental, unproven tool carries.Tool belt: better organization of tools.1 new level: Lava – things can get quite hot in there.Many new kinds of riches for the inquisitive digger.A competitive mode to find the hardest worker of them all. 10 levels with constant loot and all tools available. There is a leader board at the Frontier saloon.And more!Take again your trusted pickaxes and mine your way to the glory. For the Nation!How much riches will be enough? Are you able to stop? What happens if you don’t? The Answer and more will be unravelled in the bottom of the mine.

Age Rating: 6+
Player Mode: Single